I’m sure many of you have by now read about the latest foolishness from an f/sf bigot who I won’t bother to name here; no point feeding the trolls. But if you find righteous anger invigorating, and are curious about the artistic merits of very poor rewrites of Shakespeare, complete with ‘gay’ being a signifier for ‘evil’, then go read this review. Then go buy a big queer book to counterbalance the money no doubt pouring into the bigot’s coffers. (And the coffers of the publisher who should have known better.) Any queer book will do.

[ETA: Subterranean Press, the publisher, has a statement here. They’re asking for responses via email. I hope people do respond. I hope people respond civilly. SubP has published many good works with queer content. This mistake doesn’t make them evil, just, you know, mistaken.]

Or you could just watching this nifty advert. We’ve, ah, come a long way, baby…

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