Hild is eating my life. (And I’m okay with that. Writers like to write.) But it means I have no brain to spare. So here are some links instead.

  • Sterling Editing is two years old today. Happy Birthday to us! We love our jobs. If you want to make your writing better, we can help. Lots of info here about what kinds of editing we do.
  • The Lambda Literary Foundation has changed course a wee bit with its award guidelines. It’s a big ocean liner, so a full course change takes time. But this shows willing. (Thanks, Cheryl.)
  • The Guardian finally catches up with what I’ve been saying for years: fiction matters. Fiction is culture. Seriously: fiction is the extra-somatic empathy generator. It’s what helps us stay human across the great divide (be that oceans, or time, or creed). For more, see everything I’ve written about mirror neurons, empathy, and culture–start with You’ve been warned. And, no, I still haven’t made that change I talked about. But I will.)