From: Jennifer Schwarz

I just read Always, the first of your books that I have found. Thank you. I love your writing and your characters. I will find more of your books.

You allude to a Woodworker’s collective with a store in Pioneer Square. Until I moved down here to Hawaii, I was a long time member of the Cooperatively owned Gallery…thank you for your kind words (I am assuming that is what you refer to). In this funky economy, it is really nice to hear/read positive sentiments about handcrafted work. If you ever need details regarding woodworking or furnituremaking, I would be happy to talk to you for hours, or days to fill in any gaps…..(I am curious about that table Aud promised to make!)

All the best to you with health and creativity.


That gallery that Aud slavered over in Always was one I slavered over, too. It had some beautiful stuff. Out of my price range, sadly. But thank you for your part in it.

I’m kind of curious about that table, too. I love making things through Aud. In real life, I don’t know one end of a plane from another, but in an alternate world, I think I would have enjoyed the contemplative/physical side of woodworking. I’ve always found wood…luscious.

If and when I write the next Aud book, I’ll take you up on your consulting offer. It will be great to have an expert to hand.

I see that you’re making and selling fine furniture in Hawaii under the Jennifer Schwarz Fine Woodworking and Design shingle. What’s the wood you’re using?

Also (and this is a question for all Aud readers), what kind of table would you like to see Aud make for Kick? She has a lot of cherry wood. She could make something large, or a selection of small things. What do you think?