I think I’m getting hopelessly addicted to Time Off. This morning I spent a happy hour reading a wonderful article, ‘Apartheid and Economics in Anglo-Saxon England‘, by Alex Woolf (The Britons in Anglo-Saxon England; N. J. Higham (ed); Boydell & Brewer 2007; 115-129).

It proposes an intriguing solution to the arguments over how/why the English language isn’t more ‘Celtic’.

I was struck, though, by how closely one passage (about periphrastic phrasing) parallels a passage from my introduction to And Now We Are Going to Have a Party. I’ve haven’t read this article–it was published the same year as ANWAGTHAP (2007): the year after I actually wrote my memoir–but, wow, it’s eerie. It also, I admit, makes me feel very, very clever.

Eeriness (and smug chortling) aside, this is a great article. I’ll be thinking about it more, and probably talking about it. If you want to be ready for that discussion–if this kind of thing interests you at all–go read the article. It’s a free PDF. (Thank you to Dr Woolf for being generous enough to put it up for non-academic-library-enabled readers.)