This is how we began our celebration last night.

Every New Year’s Eve since we’ve met, we’ve opened a bottle of Champagne (rarely just one) and talked about the year that’s past. We wander all over the map: what we learnt, how we feel about that, what it means. They we start eating, and we talk about the year that’s to come: our hopes, our dreams, our plans. As we talk, we gradually reach firm goals and hard targets. We talk the night away.

Last night I enjoyed my Champagne with particular intensity. It’s the last alcohol for me for at least six weeks; I’m taking my lipid cycle in hand. (I’ll talk about the diet, exercise, and so on in more detail another time.) I imagine that to begin with I’ll get thin and a bit peevish. But then I’ll become stronger, faster, better than before…

2012 is going to be a magnificent year. Stay tuned.