photo by Riva Lehrer, January 2012

This photo is by the artist Riva Lehrer. It’s low-res and not well-lit because it’s just one in a series of a hundred snapshots she took ten days ago to help conceptualise a piece she’s working on. But a) it’s been a while since I posted a photo, and b) I find I like not being able to see all those dints and wrinkles that have accumulated in the course of a rough-and-tumble (uh-huh) writer’s life.

The finished picture will be clear and sharp, though, a representation of, well, me–but not the me you’re likely to find in a photo. An artist’s portrait is a rich and complicated thing. I feel very lucky to be involved in this. I’m looking forward to seeing what Riva sees, in my face, in my presence, in my work. I’m hoping I’ll learn something. Plus, y’know, look splendid.

ETA: In going through the photos I came across this one that I like, too; it’s less pose-y: