I’ve been playing with the Randomhouse Author Portal: RH have done an excellent job. I can now access all my sales data–including sub-rights sales (book clubs and the like)–for Ammonite, Slow River, and Stay. Today I learnt, for example, that in its mass market format, Ammonite sold around 35,000 copies. That Stay sold more hard covers than trade paperbacks. And from Slow River to Stay hardcover numbers doubled. Also that Slow River has sold about seven times as many copies in trade as in hardcover.

What good does this do me? I’m not sure, but it’s pretty nifty. And I love the clarity of the site. Plus, authors get 50% off any books they buy direct from RH. Then there are the handy-dandy tipsheets on how to do things like set up an author profile on Goodreads. Pretty cool.

Someone at Randomhouse, or many someones, have been working very hard and, more to the point, very smartly. I salute them. I imagine other publishers will follow suit soon. It certainly makes me think it might be worth writing a little something to publish with RH in the future.