Before Hild is published, I’ll be doing a tear-down of my website, this blog, and Gemæcca. Meanwhile, I’ve been futzing about with the Aud books.

There are three novels about Aud Torvingen. But each is from a different publisher, so readers of one book might not know about the others. One day I’ll buy back the rights and republish all three as a sleek and coherent package. Until then, I’ve been experimenting with the notion of meta-publication. I’ve built some additional pages for this blog just for the Aud books: one for the series, one for The Blue Place, one for Stay, and one for Always. Right now they’re just bare bones: no excerpts, no audio, no video. But there is new art work. Go take a look.

If you have opinions on whether the new look works or doesn’t work, I’d love to hear them.