From Joslyn

You probably get this question all the time, but I couldn’t find the answer anywhere online, and the ardent fangirl within demands satisfaction: how would you say Aud identifies? On a lesbian/homogrown spectrum, I mean. My girlfriend insists that she doesn’t identify, but in the book there’s one (juuuust one) reference to “the big bad butch club” and…that got me curious. Also, she’s described in the clubbing/billiards scene as wearing a waistcoat, which is something lovely. Help?

Aud? She identifies as human, which means she wears whatever she likes: sometimes the tiny dress, sometimes the waistcoat and boots. But, yeah, I’d say she leans on the whole towards the utilitarian, the sharp-but-stripped-down look: always ready. The dresses etc. are more chameleon-wear, not baseline behaviour. But in her head, especially in The Blue Place, she’s often playing a role, being a legend in her own living room, performing. Particularly at times when she is (as they used to say where I grew up) ‘out on the pull’.

If she had to identify as any one thing, I’d say ‘sleek’.

And here’s a clue: she never, ever carries a purse. Read Stay and Always for more insight into Aud’s clothing choices.