What a cool idea: Lambda Literary Foundation‘s My Story Book Club for quiltbag YA readers now has a donation programme.

My Story aims to provide readers 14 years-old and up the opportunity to read and discover LGBT works in the safe and protective atmosphere of Goodreads. As part of the donation program, My Story has partnered with independent bookseller, Skylight Books. Supporters of the LGBT community can show their commitment to diversity and acceptance by donating a My Story Book Club monthly selection.

If you make a $20 donation, Skylight Books will send a copy of the My Story Book Club monthly selection to a community centre, high school, or other venue that’s building its own quiltbag library.

Because of funding cuts, these organizations cannot afford to supply books for their libraries even though there is a demand from teens to read and discuss them. Unfortunately, these economic challanges effect the smaller cities and towns where these books are most needed. Often there are little resources for LGBT youth and one book that reflects their own experience can make a positive difference during a vulnerable time in their lives. Once the donation is made, My Story’s official partner, Skylight Books, will send it to a community center, high school, or non-profit organization in need.

So get in touch with Monica Carter (mcarter@lambdaliterary.org), the coordinator for LLF’s LGBT Writers in Schools programme, and she’ll tell you how to send your $20–or, even better, a multiple of that. Or you could just go right to the Donation page (scroll down). This is a great opportunity to help young adults in all the ways you wished someone had helped you.

Books save lives. Queer books save queer lives.