As I’ve said previously, Referendum 74 made the ballot. But Initiative 1192–which could have proved confusing to those voting on same-sex marriage–has failed.

Currently, the local organisation supporting SSM (Washington United for Marriage) has so far raised about fifteen times the amount raised by the local opposition (Preserve Marriage Washington):

OLYMPIA — Supporters of gay marriage in Washington said Monday they raised more than $952,000 last month for the campaign to uphold the state’s new law, which is on hold pending the outcome of a November ballot measure.

I’m not sure how useful this ratio is, as I’d be shocked if national groups (such as the anti-equality National Organization for Marriage, and the pro-equality Freedom to Marry) didn’t step in closer to the time. I’m looking forward (not) to the vile political ads likely to run throughout October. Luckily we don’t watch much local programming, and there’s always TiVo’s wonderful fast-forward button.

In terms of polling, I haven’t seen as much as I’d like–but this far away from the vote they’d be meaningless anyway. According to Wikipedia, polls on the issue show that voters in Washington are currently in favour of marriage equality: 51% to 44% with 7% undecided and a margin of error of +/- 3%. In other words: too close to call right now, but hopeful.

More as things progress. For now, please remember to tell Washington family and friends in November to vote to Approve R-74. (Yes, it’s counter-intuitive, given that it was an anti-SSM group that got it on the ballot in the first place but, trust me, for marriage equality, we vote to Approve. If you’re interested in the exact wording, see my previous post on the matter.)