The sun shone here in Seattle on Saturday. It hit the high 50s. To a Seattleite, that’s warm enough to sit outside in a t-shirt and bask. So I did. And made the acquaintance of this very fine bumble bee who was also taking the opportunity:

fluffy enough to stroke?

We nodded at each other. I read Patrick O’Brian while she pondered some arcane pollen algorithm or maybe used the screen door as a bee abacus or a nifty grid map. Then, just as Jack was taking the Cacafuego (don’t know what I’m talking about? Read Master and Commander!) she zuzzed to the perbs beginning to grow and inspected them.

rosemary, thyme, and (only just) chives

I imagine they’re currently a great disappointment to beekind. But I’m guessing by late April (just as the lilac is blooming—see below for how the lilac tree looked yesterday) the chives will be flowering. Then it’ll get busy around here.

view early morning, noon, early afternoon—lilac tree in foreground

But yesterday was a delicious day of sloth, my first in a while. I think I might do it again today, only this time in front of the fire. All this springing forward wears a person out…