This is my year in pictures and links. I tried to stuck to two or three links per month but there were times when there was so much going on it was difficult to follow my own rule.

You won’t find much soul-searching here; 2013 was a truly fabulous year.


Amazing what low light can do…
  • I complete the seventh draft of Hild.
  • I take a selfie (unusual for me, that, but for some reason I’d been getting lots of requests).


The finished cover ends up looking even better, I think


The SCOTUS hearings go so well I just want to send everyone flowers



Photo by the incomparable Jennifer Durham


Photo by Tony Valenzuela


Photo by Christine Doyle


Photo by Karina Melendez


Photo by Jennifer Durham


  • I have an excellent adventure at the PNBA, in which I discover it’s just like a science fiction convention, and sign my first copies–about 200!–of Hild.
  • The whole month is about Hild. Lots of reviews and interviews start to go up.


Photo by Jim Berg


As I say, it was a great year. I posted less than usual because I was overwhelmed with work. Overwork is probably what triggered the MS exacerbation, too. But it could have been the sheer excitement. Even exhilaration is physiologically stressful.

I’m getting over it–though still not willing to travel for a few weeks–and I’m pretty sure 2014 will be amazing, brilliant, and marvellous for me and Kelley.

I hope 2014 brings you all you dream (and plan, and work) for.