After a dearth of beasties today we have lots of cats. Enjoy! Previous roundups here.

Paris Review
“…dazzling… Griffith’s lyrical prose emphasizes the savagery of the political landscape, in which religion, sex, and superstition are wielded mercilessly for personal gain.”

Strange Horizons
[Hild from a medievalist’s perspective—long and juicy. Go read it.]

Book Riot
I loved it from the start and am calling it: Hild will be one of my favorite reads of 2014.”

Seattle Wrote
[An interview over coffee at the local Chocolati—fun had by all!—in which I ponder how I came to story, and how I got to where I am today.]

Fitz (who owns Traci Castleberry) loves library books
Bliss (who supervises Jo Booms) reads to the fish
Hilda (who advises Pastor Pilgrim) communes with an ARC