In Person
I love to talk to students and readers but I have MS, I have books to write, and travel is tiring. If you want to invite me to speak or teach I need:
  • Plane tickets for two; I always travel with Kelley
  • Direct flights
  • For a flight over 4.5 hours, or more than two time zones, seats need to be First (domestic) or Business (international) class
  • A hotel stay that includes one night before the event
  • Step-free access
  • Fee (unless I’m there to sell my book as opposed to your tickets)

If that doesn’t frighten you, talk to me or my agent or my publicist. (You might want to read this more detailed list of things to think about first.)


I’m happy to do events (live interviews, teaching, readings) remotely via Zoom. In my experience an hour is best; ninety minutes can work; and two hours is too long. As with live in-person events, unless I’m there to sell my books as opposed to your tickets, I’ll require a fee.

If you intend a large, interactive audience I’ll also require a producer to handle moderation and technical trouble-shooting.

If that works, contact my publicist or speaking agent.