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Image description: Composite image of two book covers of So Lucky: A Novel, by Nicola Griffith. On the left, the UK edition. On a black background, a burning torch flames in orange and yellow up and across at least half the image. At the top, in between the flames are quotes from the Independent ‘a short, fast-paced whirlwind of a novel’ and BBC Culture‘a sophisticated thriller’. Below is the title, So Lucky in salmon-coloured type, and the author’s name, Nicola Griffith, in white. On the right, the US edition. The background is matte black with the title “So Lucky,” and the author’s name “Nicola Griffith,” in big uppercase type rendered as burning paper. In smaller, brighter letters between title and author is, “A novel,” and, below the writer’s name, “Author of Hild” So Lucky - Novel set in present-day Atlanta. Winner of the Washington State Book Award. "A short, fast-paced whirlwind of a novel... Spine tingling and in places downright terrifying." — Independent
Hild - Novel set in 7th-century Britain. Winner of the Washington State Book Award. "In its ambition and intelligence, Hild might best be compared to Hilary Mantel's novels about Thomas Cromwell." — Bookforum
The Aud Books - Winners of the Lambda literary Award, the InsightOut Book Club award, and the Alice B Medal. Three contemporary novels about Aud Torvingen: "One of my favorite kick-ass, super-competent, coolheaded, hotblooded, semilegal girls." — Salon
Slow River  - Novel set in the very near future. Winner of the Nebula Award and Lambda Literary Award. "Slow River elevates the genre, joining a select few books that shine as beacons of excellence." — Seattle Times
Ammonite - Novel set in the future on another planet. Winner of the Tiptree Award, the Lambda Literary Award, and the Premio Italia. "Nicola Griffith's first novel, Ammonite, flies all the banners of traditional sf but beneath the banners, it is armed to the teeth against convention." — Interzone
With Her Body - Short stories. "Griffith's particular attention to physical sensation and perception imbues the prose style of With Her Body with almost palpable heat."
And Now We Are Going to Have a Party - Memoir. Winner of the Lambda Literary Award. " extraordinary writer and an astonishingly brave woman. This is a map of the changing world, the world that changed as Nicola became the writer she is, and the world that has changed as so many women and queers and outlaw voices speak." — Dorothy Allison
Bending the Landscape - Winners of the World Fantasy Award, two Lambda Literary Awards, and more. 3 anthologies of original queer speculative fiction. "The science fiction volume, like all the BENDING THE LANDSCAPE anthologies, addresses universal themes of otherness, love, and loss. Great reading for the 21st century." — Booklist