The Blue Place  |  Stay  |  Always

On an April night in Atlanta, between thunderstorms, out walking just to stay sharp, Aud turns a corner and collides with a running woman. Catching the scent of clean, rain-soaked hair, Aud nods, thinks, Today, you are lucky, and moves on—and behind her a house explodes in a tiger-lily of flame.

When Aud turns back, the woman is gone.

But the woman returns, seeking Aud’s help and protection from a deadly international game of forgery, drugs, money and murder.

“The first-ever nugget of post-gay pulp, sexy and iconic.” – Voice Literary Supplement

“It’s outstanding. I can’t rave enough about The Blue Place. It just slayed me.” – Dennis Lehane

“It’s hard to overpraise the taut plotting and broad intelligence of this thriller.” – Washington Post

“Taut, tight, and intelligent. This is exhilarating stuff.” – Manda Scott

“Brilliant, a bracing, stylized thriller. A finely nuanced, frightening plunge into the dark heart of an exceptional woman.” – Village Voice

“White hot. This year’s stand-out thriller.” – Milwaukee Journal Sentinal

“Goes down like honey.” – Out

“Smoothly plotted pulse-slammer.” – Publishers Weekly (starred)

The Blue Place  |  Stay  |  Always