Soon to be reissued in fine new editions by FSG/Picador!

There are three novels about Aud Torvingen, “One of my favorite kick-ass, super-competent, coolheaded, hotblooded, semilegal girls.” — Salon.

There were always meant to be five books in the series. But I stopped at three because three books from the same series issued by three different publishers is not a happy state of affairs. Readers of one don’t always know the others exist; they look completely different, and have wildly divergent cover copy. (The images I use on this site are by a friend; they are not the current covers.)

I have finally reverted the rights to all three. In late 2021 or early 2022 they will be reissued in new editions from MCD/Picador. For the first time, there will also be audio editions; I’ll be narrating the first one, The Blue Place. I will also be writing three original Aud stories.

Meanwhile, you may find it difficult to get hold of some of them. Sorry about that. But, oh it will be worth the wait! I’m very fond of these books, I loved writing them. I can’t wait to write another. I hope you like them too.