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Aud is restless. So she takes on a new challenge: teaching a group of ordinary Atlanta women self-defense skills. The consequences shake her to the core.

Still restless, she travels to Seattle for an even greater challenge: meeting her mother and her mother’s new husband while handling what should be a run-of-the-mill real estate fraud. But neither turns out as she expects.

In intertwined Seattle and Atlanta narratives, Aud is shocked, challenged, drugged, blown up, falls in love—and changes, again.

“Yowza! A synergy of action and adrenaline…a plot that delivers. Fist-slamming physicality beautifully balanced with raised emotional stakes.” – Booklist (starred)

“Griffith employs a crime thriller’s page-turning audacity… Like the protagonist, the language has a steely snap to it. A captivating read.” – Out

“Brutal and subtle, sublime and grisly. A novel of compelling and complex literary substance.” – Baltimore Sun

“A thrill ride: the violence, the eroticism, the shocking plot turns…” – Seattle P-I

“Terrific, excellent, a suspense thrill ride.” – Bay Area Reporter

“A stellar example of mood and tone.” – Library Journal

“Intense, stylish, surprising.” – Publishers Weekly

The Blue Place  |  Stay  |  Always