The top four vote getters for my list of possible future blog posts are, in order:

  • dog-whistle flap copy
  • branding for writers
  • diversity on con panels
  • immersive fiction choices

I’ll tackle at least one of those in the next few days. I’m not sure which.

I have a million other ideas, too. Some of them are long, more like essays than blog posts, and some are short and ranty. The lovely thing about a blog—this one, anyway—is that I don’t have to know in advance. 

This blog is a labour of love; when it’s too much labour I stop loving it. So it’s play, mostly. Which isn’t to say I don’t take it—and you, dear reader—seriously. I do. I just don’t organise around it. Right now, other parts of my life come first. Given that “other parts” include HILD II I’m guessing you won’t mind too much.