Charis Books last night was a real homecoming. The store, in many ways, looked the same: bright, warm, cheerful. Feminist posters on the walls, smiling staff.

When I saw Linda Bryant, it was just like 1989 again. I would have recognised her anywhere. She was running the store when I first arrived: the store where I saw my first author reading, met Dorothy Allison, Ursula Le Guin, Sarah Schulman, Alice Walker, Minne Bruce Pratt and and countless others. Some of those women I now call my friends. And all because of Charis.
There’s video of last night’s event. I’ve no idea when or where it will be posted but if I find out, I’ll let you know. Meanwhile, go buy a book from a bookstore celebrating it’s 40th Anniversary on Saturday. (There’s a party! Go tho their website if you want more. I’m typing this in an airport lounge from an iPad so hunting-seeking-linking not currently my forte.) Order online, order by phone, better still, go in person. I guarantee you’ll have a good time!
Meanwhile, I’ll leave you with this photo. (There were a zillion people there even though you can’t see them in this pic.) Hope to see some of you in DC. Or Boston. Or St Louis…

photo by Kelley Eskridge