From: Sara

What’s your anticipated completion date? Why isn’t it in my Kindle yet? Are you planning just 1 more volume, or 2?
I have not felt this way since Harry Potter…..

I’ve had a dozen or so variations on this question in the last month. So let me answer it before we move into 2015 and then I can just point to it when I get the same question.

Yes, after Hild II there will be Hild III. But there will only be three.

The working title of Hild II is Menewood. I have no anticipated completion date. I’ve been travelling way too much to properly get my head back in the writing, as opposed to publicity, game. For how different those two mindsets are, especially for the kind of immersive project that Hild is, read “Branding: It Burns,” an essay I wrote last month.

I not only don’t know when I’ll finish the manuscript, but I don’t know how long it will take to put the finished manuscript into production. I suspect it will be faster than last time, because I won’t be working with a new-to-me publisher and publishing team. We all know each other better now. And Hild, the product, is a known quantity: the marketing ground won’t need as much preparation.

So hopefully soon. Ish. Meanwhile I add a snippet of information on this blog now and again, and occasionally on my more research-oriented blog. Stay tuned.