With any luck, this will be the first new post of my brand new site. Time and past time, I know. The old website went up 13 years ago. It was the kind of thing one had to lick clean w’ tongue code by hand, definitely uphill both ways a pain in arse, which is why I made Ask Nicola over on Blogger. I’d meant that to be a temporary solution until I built a new website. But somehow I never got around to it. Then late last year I decided: it’s time. I was going to labour over this until it was perfect but it came together really fast, and looked so sleek, I thought: anything is better than the old one! So here it is, still under construction. You will see changes over the next wee while; don’t be alarmed! Meanwhile, please point your feed readers, bookmarks etc to:

Soon I will discontinue Ask Nicola. It’s served me well.

Meanwhile, for those who are curious about this sort of thing, the new is built on the Studio theme, customised by a friend, and hosted by WordPress. (I can’t be doing with constant updating of things; this way, it’s all done for me. All I have to do is update the information I want you to see.) All photos of me are by Jennifer Durham.

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