Nicola Griffith and Patricia Bracewell in conversation at Queen Anne Books

On Thursday, 16th April at 7 pm, ​I’m doing an event at Queen Anne Book Company with Patricia Bracewell, author of The Price of Blood and Shadow on the Crown, novels about Emma of Normandy. Emma lived in the eleventh century, four hundred years later than Hild, but as writers we had to deal with some surprisingly similar problems.

Among other things we’ll be talking about:

  • Why and how a Yorkshire lass and a Californian are teaming up to talk about women who lived in Europe more than a thousand years ago
  • Why Emma and Hild fascinate us
  • The challenges and joys of writing about women with agency from so long ago

We’ll also both do short (very short—less than 2 minutes each) readings*, and then open it up to the audience.

It should be a far-ranging evening in one of Seattle’s most delicious bookshops. It would be lovely to see you there.

* I’ll be reading something you haven’t heard before…