I was futzing about on organising my YouTube channel the other day and came across “Sun on Dragonfly,” a mashup video (about 4 minutes). It was made a while ago by a reader, the fabulous luthier @KrakenMaiden, in response to a reading I did of “Touching Fire.” I was struck anew by the editing so thought I’d share.*

Part of it, right at the beginning, might be a wee bit NSFW.

Completists can read the whole story in With Her Body.

If you’d rather listen to the reading on its own, here you go (about 11 minutes):

* In organising this new site I’m stumbling across all sorts of things I haven’t seen in an age. Given that I’m also hard at work on Hild II and not inclined to get stuck into the new, I might be revisiting old stuff for a while…

…but I haven’t forgotten my plan to post a series of Women in the Arts pieces soonish. So stay tuned.