• I read the beginning of Menewood last night. It seemed to go down well. I like Queen Anne Book Co. a lot. (Nothing to do with the luscious, chocolately farinacious objects they gave out, oh no.) Patricia Bracewell and I had a happy hour or so talking about Hild and Emma. Here’s a picture taken by Jennifer Durham.
  • Topeka Library made a video that’s gone viral. Check it out. Look for a certain novel you might recognise. (Bonus points for those who see it more than once. ETA: list of all the books shown.)
  • Pope Francis has called off the investigation into American nuns. I don’t have a lot of info right now—all parties have agreed to 30 days media silence on the matter—but it sounds pretty much like a win for the nuns. More when I have it. Because you know this issue interests me.
  • Mark your calendars: Thursday, May 21st, 4:00-6:30 pm, our friend, Riva Lehrer, the artist who made that fabulous portrait of me, will be giving a presentation on Disability Arts and Culture. Kane 225 (Walker-Ames Room) at the University of Washington. More on that later, too.
  • Soon there might be NEWS about Kelley’s novel Solitaire. Stay tuned.