In the spirit of testing WordPress’s box of tricks I made a playlist. These are the songs on the CD included in my memoir, And Now We Are Going to Have a Party.

The first four tracks are me singing with the band Janes Plane in 1982; they were professionally recorded. At least a couple ended up being laid down at 2 a.m., though, so I’m a little tired. Feel free to skip “Night Drive.” Never did like that song. I wrote the lyrics, yes (I wrote all the lyrics), but I never believed them. Songs written by Janes Plane: Nicola Griffith, Jane Hicks, Carol Holmes, Lou Duffy-Howard, and Jane Lawrence.

The next four were recorded in a bedroom in 1983, using nothing more sophisticated than an 80s boombox with built-in microphone. It shows. It was me and the Janes Plane guitarist, Jane Lawrence. (No, the band wasn’t named after her. We just liked the name.) The first gig we did was under the name The Four Marys (I think I just like sturdy English proper nouns), then we got a steady cabaret sort of gig and performed as Janes Remains. Songs written by Nicola Griffith and Jane Lawrence.

The last one was recorded in about 2000, I think, one afternoon when I’d just unearthed my old microphone and was testing it on my computer. I wrote the song in autumn 1988, sang it to the kitchen boombox, and mailed Kelley the tape. (Yes, a cassette tape.) We didn’t see each other again until August, 1989. Music and lyrics by Nicola Griffith.