Today is the 27th anniversary of the day I met and fell in love with Kelley at the Clarion Writers’ Workshop.

You’ve probably seen this photo before. I posted it the day the Supreme Court struck down DOMA—which just happened to be our 25th anniversary. (Thanks, SCOTUS! Best present ever.) The one on the left was a Polaroid taken in 1989, by Kelley’s mum I think. The other is by Jennifer Durham, taken in May 2013 in a pub in Seattle.


This next you may not have seen, particularly the one on the left. That was taken in 2000 aboard the QE2 during the transatlantic voyage we gave ourselves for our 40th birthdays. Some of those sparkles (on Kelley—her arm and her dress) are actually sparkles; some (on me, sigh) are just bits of dust on the scanned print. The other photo is by our friend Mark Tiedemann, taken in our house in Atlanta in 1992.

2000 and 1992

And finally here’s the shot taken the day we got legally married, by the inimitable Jennifer Durham.


Now we wait and hope SCOTUS gives us another present… …And SCOTUS, for the second time, gives us the Best Anniversary Gift Ever! In a 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court makes same-sex marriage the law of the land. More later…