Note: I’ve added one thing already*. There may be more additions to come.

I’m Guest of Honour, with the fabulous Gary K. Wolfe, at this year’s Readercon Thursday July 9 – Sunday July 12 in Burlington, MA. Joanna Russ is the Memorial GoH.

Here’s my schedule, mostly panels but also a reading, signing, kaffeeklatsch, party, and staged interview. I’ve included Kelley’s events (K) because I’ll be at most of them.

Thursday July 9
8:00 PM     The Long Slow Burn of Critique

Friday July 10
2:00 PM     Reading: Nicola Griffith
3:00 PM     The Genre-Sized Chip on the Shoulder
5:00 PM     The Works of Nicola Griffith – K
7:00 PM     Outer Alliance group reading*
10:30 PM   Meet the Pros(e)
11:30 PM   Eighties Dance Party! (time is my guesstimate)

Saturday July 11
9:00 AM     Kaffeeklatsch
11:00 AM   Autographs
12:00 PM   “Bad” Influences – K
2:00 PM     What Joanna Russ’s Work Meant to Me
3:00 PM     Beautiful and Terrible as the Morn: Celebrating Spec Fic’s Older Women – K
4:00 PM     Nicola Griffith Interviewed by Kelley Eskridge

Sunday July 12
10:00 AM   Reading Stance and Genre
11:00 AM   The Shirley Jackson Awards
1:00 PM     The OtherLife of Solitaire – K

So come and say hello. When I’m not on a panel, or reading, or signing things, I’ll most likely be in the bar. Also, for the first time at Readercon, there’s an eighties dance party, right after Meet the Pros(e). (I just guessed at the time.) Whatever the exact time, Kelley will be dancing her socks off. Actually, I suspect she won’t be wearing socks…

But if you can only make three events, come to:

  • My reading, where you can hear the first part of Hild II, aka Menewood, and a short essay about Alice Sheldon/James Tiptree, Jr.
  • The staged interview, in which Kelley will be asking me questions—which I don’t know beforehand, so expect some surprises (I certainly will).
  • Kelley’s talk about the book-to-screen process of her novel, SolitaireTrust me, you really don’t want to miss it. She’s been working on the screen adaptation of her novel for a while, and it’s about to come to fruition

If you haven’t signed up yet, you can do that here. ($75 for the weekend, or one-day rates.)