I’ll be reading twice at Readercon. Both times on Friday 11.

The first reading is a solo event, where I’ll be reading a chunk from the beginning of Menewood, that is, Hild II (but not the opening pages—see below), plus my Tiptree essay. Both are brand new and never-before heard: 2 pm, Empower, Friday 11.

The second is a group reading, featuring members of the Outer Alliance, an organisation dedicated to QUILTBAG speculative fiction: me, Kelley, Sarah Pinsker, Malinda Lo, Claire Humphrey, Brad Parks, Susan Jane Bigelow, and Jill Shultz. I don’t know what anyone plans to read except me and Kelley—her reading absolutely rocks; it will make you weep (made me cry, anyway). I’ll be reading the opening pages of Menewood. The other writers have written great stuff so I know their readings will be fabulous. Do come and listen, it’ll be a treat: 7 pm, Inspire, Friday 11.

My full schedule (and it is full) is here.