This article on Jezebel about what happened to a writer who submitted her novel proposal under her own name and then a male pseudonym is another reason everyone involved with books needs to count, and then tot up numbers at the end of the day/week/month/year—depending on your temporal focal length. (I talk about this at length in the just-launched Seattle Review of Books.)

And here are two new pie charts, following on from my previous post about what kind of book wins awards, this time on the most recent 15 years of the IMPAC Dublin Award and the Costa Novel Award.

IMPAC CostaAs you can see, the IMPAC, one of the richest book prizes in the world, given for “excellence in world literature,” gives zero out of the last 15 prizes to stories by women about women—but 11 to stories by men about men. Compare this to the more populist Costas, which cheerfully declare they are for “well-written, enjoyable” books: 3 go to women writing about women. In other words, no surprises: the more consciously prestigious the award, the less likely the prize is to go a woman writing about women.

More data to follow. Hopefully a lot of data.