Ten years ago, Kelley started working on the screenplay for OtherLife, a film based on her New York Times Notable Novel, Solitaire. Today we’re delighted (amazed, thrilled, beaming so hard I think I might take off into orbit) to announce that it started shooting in Perth. It’s a woman-driven SF thriller.

OtherLife is directed by Ben C. Lucas (Wasted on the Young), a fiercely talented director and writer who brings depth and heart and passion to the film. The script is written by me, Gregory Widen (Highlander, Backdraft, The Prophecy), Lucas Howe, and director Ben Lucas. The film stars the fantastic Jessica De Gouw (Dracula, Arrow, and the forthcoming Underground), as well as Thomas Cocquerel (Kidnapping Mr. Heineken) and TJ Power (Eat Pray Love, The Sapphires, Wasted on the Young).

Go read the rest on Kelley’s blog; she’ll tell you all about it.