A short assortment of moments, posts or events that I found interesting this year (mostly on the blog, but some on Instagram or another venue):

Books about women don’t win awards: some data | Update on Literary Prize Data group I had no idea that a short post about gender bias in books awards would take up so much of my time this year. But it did.

Readercon Guest of Honour Report I had a lovely time being GoH at Readercon, the venerable East Coast literary fantastic literature convention. And while I was there I talked about the Mother in Speculative Fiction. More on that next year.

27 Years | Marriage Equality Will Change the World This is a subject for which I could list many posts but the conequence of SCOTUS making a habit of announcing these decisions on June 26? Now I’ll expect something equally exciting from them every year. Hey, it’s my right!

My father at 90 We went to the UK for a couple of weeks this autumn for my father’s 90th birthday. It was whirlwind trip, with lots of work before and after, so I didn’t blog about it. But it was wonderful. One the day of his birthday: five generations of family in one room. Pretty amazing. Also, pretty Guinness-soaked…

Kelley’s film OtherLife now shooting in Perth This is something Kelley has been aiming for for nine years. We haven’t talked about it much but, Holy shit! It’s happening!!

New, shiny website and blog I’ve been meaning to do this for at least a dozen years. But I kept wanting a perfect site, I mean perfect. But perfect is the enemy of done. And eventually I said, Ah fuck it… There’s a new version, too, of Gemæcce, my research blog.

The women you didn’t see The first in what I think will become a series of Letters to Dead People, essays that are part literary and/or cultural criticism and part personal.

My story, mystery The second of my Letters to Dead People.

Subject not object Every now and again I finally figure out a way to say something that’s been bugging me for years

Ex Machina review | Manly War Goats Two film reviews. Not something I do often but it exercises a different muscle. Perhaps I’ll do one for The Force Awakens. I mean, how did BB-8 get back up those steps??