I’m working on two big projects and am experimenting with workflow: timing, choices, priorities. In essence this means two things: writing in the morning instead of the afternoon, and hauling up the internet portcullis for only a few hours after lunch.

The result will, I hope, be less distraction, less fatigue, and more progress. I’m guessing that how it will look from the outside is chunks of ringing silence followed by intense blather. It will probably mean that if you send me email my response will be delayed 24 hours (sometimes more). Not being connected means just that: turning off everything but my landline and desktop machine.

Freedom, the app, will keep me insulated from distraction while at the keyboard. I’ve been using it during the day for years (it works; I recommend it highly) so the biggest change for me will be staying off the internet at night. I’ve been doing it two days so far—turning my phone off and leaving my iPad in another room—and am finding the sudden space in my head startling. This could get interesting.