Anyone who is is London between 14 April and 27 May can see this photo of me writ large at Metro Imaging at the Visible Girls exhibit, “A series of double portraits from 1981 looking at girls in subcultures; intimate portraits of friends, sisters and lovers in and around London.”

Apparently the BBC (David Sillito, arts and media) will be covering the opening night so even though I can’t be there I’m hoping I get to see something of it. If anyone reading this can snap a photo of the exhibit I’d love to see it.

ETA: Here’s the clip. You can see what Carol looks like now. Ah, I wish I could have been there!

In honour of the occasion I spent an hour yesterday searching my hard drive for, converting, and tidying a second photo of me and Carol taken by Anita in 1981. It’s a very old scan so forgive the quality.

Carol and Nicola at the Tabernacle, London, 1981

Me, a baby-faced 20, with Carol at the first UK Lesbian Conference, 1981. Photo by Anita Corbin. Scanned from an old book, Girls Are Powerful. Not the photo used in Visible Girls exhibit.