The inaugural #CripLit Twitter chat was a huge success. Much bigger and faster than I’d expected, actually—like sucking on a firehose. Many, many people with many thoughtful comments. We trended on Twitter (24, I think; I was too busy to look).

My co-host, Alice Wong (@SFDirewolf), has archived the “Disabled Writers & Characters” #CripLit Twitter chat on Storify . If you’re a writer who is contemplating including a character with any kind of disability, I recommend that you read it through a chunk at a time and learn. There are many pointers regarding the disability clichés and hurtful stereotypes to avoid.

The next #CripLit chat is scheduled for August 29 at 7 pm Eastern. The topic will be “Disabled Writers, Ableism, & the Publishing Industry.” Stay tuned for more on that.