Yesterday was the third #CripLit chat, this time about being disabled, a writer, and intersectional identities. It was a bit slower than usual (because Wednesday?) but still busy, with good, thoughtful, and thought-provoking conversation about, for example, internalised ableisim and #OwnVoices. It certainly helped me to a couple of realisations.

Alice Wong (@SFDirewolf) has put together the Storify of the Disabled Writers, Diverse Literature & Intersectionality chat. If you’re not a fan of Storify, then just visit the hashtag on Twitter. And do read the first two chats, Disabled Writers and Disabled Characters, and Disabled Writers, Ableism, & the Publishing Industry.

We encourage people to keep the conversation going, to continue to use the #CripLit hashtag to talk about disabled writers and disability literature of all kinds.