Some blog runners have a warning system for commentators. I don’t. If you spew vitriol on this blog, I just delete your comment. The thread will close seamlessly around the gap and no one will ever know you left it. For a first offence I generally don’t block you from commenting in the future (people can grow and learn, sometimes) but for a second I do. And I won’t bother to tell you that I’ve done that, and I won’t bother to explain why.

This blog is not a forum; it’s not my job to tidy up after the flotsam of the universe. I do not need to bring in page-views for advertising dollars. I am not looking for controversy for its own sake. This is my blog. Life is too short to fuss over this kind of crap which is why the comment policy is so simple: play nicely.

Playing nicely means that if you feel rage you don’t do rage at me or a fellow commenter. If you feel hatred, you don’t do it here, to anyone, for any reason, ever. No personal attacks. If you level an accusation, cite your sources and/or point to specifics, and do it politely. I have no problem with disagreement; I do have a problem with lack of common courtesy.

If you’re looking for a comment war, move on. This is not the blog you’re looking for.