Thanks to Alice Wong we the Storify of Sunday’s #CripLit chat on YA/KidLit is up. That means we now have seven chats archived. The full set:

  1. Disabled Writers and Characters
  2. Ableism and Publishing 
  3. Intersectionality 
  4. Resistance Through Writing
  5. Editor Roundtable
  6. Futurism
  7. YA/KidLit

A few of the topics Alice and I (the co-hosts of #CripLit) are pondering for the future:

  • Sensitivity readers’ role in CripLit
  • Writing disabled characters for screen and stage
  • Disabled characters in speculative series in books, TV, and film

We’ve put up a Twitter poll. Please go vote! If you have other ideas, I’d love to hear them, here or on Twitter.