On Twitter and Facebook I am done with seeing versions of 24 million people are going to die! We are not going to just lie down and die. We are going to fight. And you’re going to fight with us. The House may have passed a bill making it possible for states to increase coverage for ‘pre-existing’ conditions ranging from pregnancy to rape, depression to multiple sclerosis, but we’re a long way from that bill being law. And then a long way from that law being enacted. And then a long way from the courts—via a multitude of plaintiffs ranging from states’ Attorneys General to corporations to the ACLU—permitting it to continue.

We can’t afford for those around us to give up, or use our bandwidth ranting about how terrible it all is. Yes, take some time to feel frightened, or sleep for 48 hours, or watch crap movies til your eyes bleed, whatever you need to do to get your head back in the game. And then be prepared to fight. Start next week. Phone your senators. Talk to your family and friends about phoning their senators. Fight one step at a time. Be prepared for the long haul.