On Friday 16 June, OtherLife, based on Kelley’s novel Solitaire, debuts at the Sydney Film Festival. I am so very pleased and proud, even though I had absolutely nothing to do with it except cheer Kelley on.

Kelley has written a blog post with all the details about the film. It’s based on her novel and screenplay (officially credited to Greg Widen, Ben Lucas, Kelley Eskridge). Turning a long, speculative “stylistic and psychological tour de force” (New York Times) novel into just over 90 minutes of sleek, luscious-looking sci-fi thriller, all on a low budget, has been a rollercoaster ride: sometimes wildly exciting, sometimes grindingly hard, but never, ever boring. But that’s Kelley’s story to tell and happily she’s done that in a fascinating series of journal entries about the 11-year journey from book to screen. So go read it.

Meanwhile, we’ll be here grinning and drinking beer and thinking being a writer is the best job in the whole fucking world.