Every year we have to put new annuals in our deck pots. Last year it was nasturtiums, salvia (Flaming Lips; the hummingbirds love them), and carnations. I admit I killed off the nasturtiums and carnations (we have coir baskets; with the kind of summer we had last year I should have watered every single day because they’re super evaporators) and ended up replacing them with geraniums and some kind of weird weed-looking thing with purple tips. This year it’s marigolds, impatiens, petunias, fuschia and other things.


In the actual pots we still have the jasmine and ornamental oregano and those weird weedy-looking things. In one of the coir baskets many of the herbs survived (not the basil, though; it never does) and the lavender in the hanging basket also survived, so we added some annuals and now it’s the Basket of All Purple.


The Flaming Lips look as though they might be trying to come back, too, but they’re so small you can’t see them. We’ve already had a couple of hummingbirds coming by and being decidedly irritable that there’s nothing for them yet.

So here’s a wider shot of the deck. This is where I sit after lunch while I dwell in the still quiet place before writing. Summer is finally here.