My inbox has reached epic proportions. Many of the emails are requests: Come to this conference, signal boost that worthy cause, judge our competition, visit my class, contribute to our anthology/video game/brainstorm/policy session about women/queer/disabled people. It’s lovely to be asked, but I have a novel (and other stuff) to write and I’m already scheduled for, and talking about, teaching and school visits. So for the majority of requests the answer will have to be No.

If I’ve already said Yes, or we’re talking about it, this is not aimed at you. But to those of you to whom I have not yet responded, I will. And if it’s for something between now and late spring (when I have a book coming out) it will probably be No (unless it’s very interesting…).

Here’s Meghan Trainor to help you understand:

My name is No.
My number is No.
My sign is No.
You need to let it go.
Nah to the ah to the no no no.

Hat tip to Angie Bennett, a medievalist.