Audx3 copy
There are three novels about Aud Torvingen, “One of my favorite kick-ass, super-competent, coolheaded, hotblooded, semilegal girls.” — Salon.

Each was published by a different press: HarperCollins (The Blue Place), Doubleday (Stay), and Penguin (Always).

There were always meant to be five books in the series. I stopped at three because three different books from three different publishers is not a happy state of affairs. (Note to writers: Do. Not. Ever. Do. This.) Readers of one don’t always know the others exist. All the books look completely different, and have wildly divergent cover copy. (The images I use on this site are by a friend; they are not the original covers. The descriptions I’ve written are not the originals, either.)

One day when I’m full of energy and patience I’ll tell the whole story of how I came to publish three books about the same character with three different publishers. But today is not that day. Today is a day of triumph: I have spent the last four years fighting to get the rights back from Harper, Doubleday, and Penguin and on Friday the last piece feel into place. I NOW OWN RIGHTS TO THE WHOLE TRILOGY.

This means three things.

  1. The books are now unavailable in digital format and only available via second-hand markets in paper (except see below).
  2. One day, probably when I’ve finished Menewood, I’ll write Book 4 and republish the series from a single publishing house, complete with coherent covers and marketing strategy. (I’ll update them slightly—specifically the communication technology.) Then I’ll write Book 5. I also want to publish the books in the UK. (Does it piss me off that my novels aren’t published in my own country? Oh, yep. I’m going to fix that.)
  3. Next year, or perhaps the year after depending on other committments, I will narrate all three novels and make them available as audio books. I’ve longed to perform these books; they’re made for it. Now I’ll get my chance.

I’m very fond of Aud and her story; I love writing her. I can’t wait to write another.

Tucked away here and there I have boxes of all three books. Sometime in the next few days I’ll dig them out, and I’ll run a promotion with Phinney Books for the holidays and into New Year: Buy a signed copy of one of my in-print books and get a brand new, signed set of Aud books for, well, very little. We haven’t worked out how much yet but, seriously, they’ll be a bargain! Phinney Books will ship anywhere in the world. More on this very soon.