I just got finished files for the So Lucky audiobook. Holy shit! I can’t wait for you to hear this!

From the minute I finished the book, I wanted to narrate it. I love to read for audiences. I used to front a band and performing my own fiction has always been the next best thing to singing. So I thought I knew how it would be to do the whole book in a studio. I was so wrong—but I’ll tell that story in another blog post.

Meanwhile, I’ll just say it was thrilling to read the entire book aloud the way it was meant to be. Absolutely electrifying to feel the words I imagined come alive in the air, clothe themselves in the power of the human voice, and take shape. There are parts of this book that, on the page, are frightening; aloud, they are terrifying. I am grinning so hard! The ending, especially, is— Well, you’ll just have to wait and see.

Here’s the very beginning. It starts quietly enough…

Macmillan have only just delivered their assets to retailers so the digital version is not yet available through all platforms (notable exception: Google Play). But it won’t be long, so stay tuned.