On Wednesday April 18, with artist Riva Lehrer, I’ll be giving the Ethel Louise Armstrong Lecture on Disability Arts and Culture at Ohio State University’s 18th Annual Multiple Perspectives Conference at 3:45pm. The title of the lecture is “Disability in Art and Life.” We’ll be talking about our books, how they are intertwined with our disability and culture, and how our lives intersect with each other.

We’ve got some pretty exciting stuff lined up. Riva will be reading from and talking about her memoir-in-progress, Golem Girl (Oneworld) and I’ll be reading from and talking about my seventh novel, So Lucky (FSG, May 2018). Then we’ll have a staged conversation about our thoughts on all kinds of things. Then we’ll do an audience Q&A. We could talk about theory, of course, but we won’t. By this time, we’re guessing the academics will be stuffed to bursting with Disability Studies papers, panels, and policies, and might welcome two friends simply talking with passion about their art and their disabled lives. We’re also storytellers and entertainers—we know how to engage an audience—so join us!

Riva Lehrer and Nicola Griffith

Riva (left) and me talking about making her portrait of me. Photos by Jennifer Durham.

Image description: Black and white photo of two women, Riva Lehrer on the left and Nicola Griffith on the right, sitting behind a table. Both are holding microphones. Nicola is saying something that is making Riva howl with laughter.