So Lucky is out in exactly one week and I’m doing readings and talks at a bookstore near you! Well, near you if you live in Pacific Northwest. I’m sticking close to home for this one.1

All events are free, unless otherwise stated.

  • 5/15, Phinney Books, 7:00 pm. Seattle, WA: Reading, signing and launch party—drinks at the pub next door afterwards!
  • 5/16, Elliott Bay Book Company, 7:00 pm. Seattle, WA: Reading, signing, audience Q&A—and, y’know, probably drinks at some bar close by afterwards.
  • 5/22, Powell’s Books, 7:00 pm. Portland, OR: Reading, signing, audience Q&A.
  • 5/23, Timberland Library, 7:00 pm. Lacey, WA: Staged interview and conversation with Kelley Eskridge.
  • 5/29, Whatcom Community College’s Heiner Theater, 6:30 pm. Bellingham, WA: Village Books’ Chuckanut Radio Hour, Tickets $5, includes $5 off purchase of a book.
  • 6/07, Eagle Harbor Book Company, 7:00 pm. Bainbridge Island, WA: Reading and signing.

All spaces are accessible for the mobility impaired. Mostly. That is, you can get in with your wheelchair to all of them, but one or two leave a lot to be desired in terms of either a) distance to walk, or b) the bathrooms, which are not always up to code and so occasionally difficult (though not quite impossible) to access with a wheelchair.

Even if you can’t be there in person you can preorder copies of So Lucky from any of the bookstores, and I’ll personalise them when I’m there and they’ll be shipped to you the next day.

Phinney Books 7:00 pm

Launch event! This is our local store with our local pub, 74th St Alehouse, right next door. We’ll go there afterwards. All welcome! It’s on Greenwood Ave, a small friendly space, and level entry with a deliciously light, easy-to-handle door—so distance is no problem if you can find street parking close by, or if you live in the neighbourhood, or if you’re getting a ride or using the bus (bus stops within a block in both directions). Several chairs at the front will be set aside for those who need them—just tell someone when you arrive.2 There’s no screen and no CART captioning but I can bring a couple of access hardcopies of the readings and points I’ll be making. (It won’t help with the Q&A, though. I’m sorry.) The sound system is a low-power Bluetooth system, but it should be adequate. ETA: HSDC will be providing ASL interpreters, and I’ll bring a couple of access copies. The bathroom’s problematic: level entry, but very tight manoeuvring and, if I recall correctly, no grab bars. The pub next door is also no-step access, but it’s a slope, and the door’s not the easiest in the world to open (I always have to get someone else to do it). The bathrooms are on the same level but, again, not particularly access-friendly.

If you can’t be there, order a print copy that I’ll sign and personalise for you that night and they’ll ship it to you the next day. And if you’re a fan of audio, use Phinney Books’ site to buy and download the audiobook. (If you use promo code LISTENUP you’ll get 20% off.)

For more information and to preorder, check out Phinney Books’ website.

Elliott Bay Book Company 7:00 pm

The other launch event! This is a much larger space, in Capitol Hill, with level access—if you use the wheelchair lift. The lift needs a key, and so a staff member has to operate it. There’s a bell by the lift on the street. Push it, and someone will come. I’ve had to wait a couple of minutes before, so don’t despair, they will come. If you have mobility issues some of the distances involved in order to avoid the stair are a bit daunting. EBBC have microphones, and plenty of seating and the bathrooms, on another level, are wholly accessible. I’m encouraging Deaf readers to attend the Phinney Books event where there’ll be ASL interpretation. Meanwhile, please send me email via the contact form or ping me on Twitter. I’m also talking to EBBC about putting access information on their website.

Again, if you can’t be there, order a print copy and I’ll sign and personalise it for you that night and they’ll ship it to you the next day.

For more information and to preorder, check out EBBC’s website.


Later this month I’m in Portland, at Powell’s, on the Peninsula at the Lacey Timberlake Library, and in Bellingham doing the Chuckanut Radio Hour for Village Books. In early June I’ll be on Bainbridge at Eagle Harbor Books. I’ll talk more about those events closer to the time.

1 I toured three times for Hild: in the US for the hardcover, in the UK for the hardcover, and in the US again for the paperback. This time I want to get back to my real job—actually, y’know, writing—more quickly. So local only.
2 It’s always helpful BUT NOT NECESSARY to let the bookshop know ahead of time about this, just in case we need to save an unusual number.