Yesterday I was in Portland. Tonight Kelley and I will be in Lacey at the Timberland Library, 7:00 pm.

This one is special. Yes, I’ll be reading from So Lucky, as I’ve done a few times, but afterwards, still on stage, Kelley and I will have a conversation in which Kelley asks me questions we haven’t discussed beforehand. I have no idea what Kelley will ask. The thing is, when Kelley asks me a question I don’t dodge it. So things could get interesting. We’ve only done this once before, in Boston, and we had a truly amazing hour of conversation.

Then the audience gets the chance to ask questions, too—of both of us. Then we’ll sign books. Bring them if you’ve got them, otherwise buy from Browser’s Bookshop who will have stock on hand.

So join us! Bring your children and parents, friends and teachers, pets and service providers. Bring everyone. The more the merrier!

Meanwhile, to whet your appetite, here’s a link to a list of responses to So Lucky.