A busy weekend for So Lucky reviews. Here are three (yes, I know I’ve already mentioned NYTBR but, hey, I like it):

Chicago Review of Books: So Lucky is a Powerful Indictment of Ableism
In So Lucky, a disconcerting but very necessary book, Griffith presents a protagonist with substance, complexity, and purpose. Mara is so much more than her diagnosis and limitations, but her story underlines the insidiousness of ableism and the lamentable mistreatment and neglect of the chronically ill and disabled among us.


Seattle Times: An intensely human tale of illness, fear and fighting back
Griffith’s brutal, unsparing style suits the brevity of the book, makes the cascading small encounter with ableism, as well as the tense climax, truly frightening. The narrative feels compacted, but not crushed. Griffith deftly reveals only what is significant, creating an effect that’s like how Mara describes a correctly executed karate strike—’butter sliding down the hot steel of a coiled spring.’


New York Times Book Review: Heart-Hammering Science Fiction and Fantasy Thrillers
So Lucky is beautifully written, with a flexible, efficient precision that embodies the protagonist’s voice and character… It’s also welcome and wonderful to see a book that shows queer women dealing with the aftermath of divorce and the tangled difficulties of turning deep friendship into long-distance romance. And Mara is frequently terrible, which I appreciated more than I can easily say. I’m hungry for depictions of women who make bad decisions and wrestle with the consequences, who shed prejudice and learn compassion, who are more than aspirational figureheads.

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