Earlier this year I wrote a very short story, “Glimmer.” I recorded the audio last week. It’s 8 minutes.

If you like it, maybe I’ll start a regular audio feature here.

I wrote the story for Particulates, an anthology of very short fiction written in response to Rita McBride’s art installation, Particulates, at DIA:Chelsea, and edited by Nalo Hopkinson. It’s for sale from DIA Books and available for pre-order.

Image description: Photo composite of (left) the green cover of anthology Particulates, and (right) the table of contents: stories by Elizabeth Bear, Samuel Delany, Kameron Hurley, Nicola Griffith, Annalee Newitz, Ken Macleod, Karen Lord, Sofia Samatar, Daniel Jose Older, Minister Faust, Mark Von Schlegell, Victor LaValle, Vandana Singh, Gina Ashcraft, and Nalo Hopkinson.